Hang on, I've got an idea...

BRISKODA, since 2002. In 2002 a few of us, Huck, Ian and I got together after a sprited drive and decided to make a home of own for ŠKODA owners.

The name, it's pronounced “bris-skoda”, a brisk skoda, a Škoda driven in a spirited or “brisk” manner.

BRISKODA is an enthusiast website for the sharing of information on ŠKODA automobiles; we are not an official Škoda-Auto Site. Set up as a small community site by a few for others, we have grown rapidly since our foundation in October of 2002. We have members from all of Škoda’s target market areas and quite a few from outside their market areas.

Fantastic community spirit and respect within our forums has led to a unique experience, with a friendly attitude to new visitors. We aim to continue our open and respected nature for a long time to come.

So who and what runs BRISKODA.net? We have a team of administrators and moderators who are responsible for the maintenance of the site. BRISKODA is what it is today and more importantly tomorrow with the continued efforts of each and every member - not just the moderators.

The site has grown since then to what you see today. We’ve taken some interesting journeys, lost a few friends and made new ones. The site is at its heart a community for people who enjoy driving and their cars. The community has its oddballs and characters, but it also has a massive wealth of knowledge. You never know what you’ll learn from one day to the next.

Thanks for reading; the forums and the community members does the rest of the speaking for me.


Founder & Owner of BRISKODA.